Nick Stocchero

Software Engineering


Software Engineering
AWS Architecture and Data Systems
DevOps Best Practices
User Interfaces


B.S. in Mathematics from Bradley University



Recent Projects

Large Pharmaceutical  Company
Large-scale Clinical Trial Data Lake on Hadoop
Built a scalable and performant user interface using AngularJS to search, analyze, and discover clinical trial data. Architected the web-to-data lake API layers to securely access sensitive data in a Hadoop-based Accumulo data warehouse. Developed processes to scale the environment in AWS based on data volume and processing needs.

Independent Day School for Dyslexic Children
Study of Cognitive Interventions for MIT Research
Implemented a web front-end used by students and teachers. Integrated cross domain features from cognitive testing centers and ensured their usability. Architected the workflow of machine learning and statistical model results for recommending intervention exercises to dyslexic children.

Technical Expertise

  • Python, Java, Scala, Julia, SQL, C, iOS, Android
  • Web: Sinatra, AngularJS, ReactJS, Node, Claudia, Ruby/Rails
  • Databases: MySQL, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle
  • Hadoop: HDFS, Accumulo, Spark, Nifi, Map reduce, Oozie,
  • AWS: EC2, ECS, RedShift, EMR, Lambda, S3, CF, RDS, SQS, KMS
  • GCP: BigTable, BigQuery, Dataproc, Cloud Functions
  • Dev Ops: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, Jenkins, Vagrant
  • Tableau, D3, Plotly, Chart.js, Datawrapper