Miner & Kasch have vast experience throughout the Big Data technology ecosystem and are proficient in the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches:

Leveraging Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can dramatically lower comput…
Miner & Kasch have vast experience throughout the Big Data technology ecosy…
Recent advances in hardware and deep learning software have rendered many u…
Predictive analytics encompasses a large scale of statistical and machine l…
Text mining automatically extracts valuable information from raw text sourc…
Business intelligence comprises strategies and technologies for either auto…
Recommendation systems seek to predict the preference of users to certain i…

Example Use Cases

Our team has executed over a thousand use cases. See our use case examples below on how we help companies create value through advanced analytics and AI capabilities:

AI-Powered Contract Solution for Real Estate

  • Developed advanced NLP and machine vision models to analyze real estate contracts
  • Deployed a scalable cloud based solution to process >100M pages of contracts per day in real-time
  • ROI on analytics investment returned in only 3 months in operation

Saving Lives with Drones and AI Vision

  • Developed a super-resolution algorithm to enhance drone video footage in low lighting conditions and hazy environments
  • Implemented machine vision solution with object detection to identify defects, wear and tear, and deformities on industrial containers
  • Created a platform for streaming and classifying drone footage to aid inspectors during and after inspections

NLP Solution Helps Congress Respond to Constituent Grievances

  • Developed advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics models to classify and extract information from communications sent to members of the House of Representatives
  • Organized and grouped communications by issues, themes, and keywords to enable elected officials to effectively respond to constituent’s inquiries
  • Enabled Fireside to bring state-of-the-art language processing and communication analytics capabilities to the House of Representatives

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